Gold Balsamic Vinegar of Modena

  • At least 3-years aging process in rare wooden barrels
  • Cooked Grape Must
  • From Modena, Italy
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8.4 FL OZ

Oliviers&Co's exclusive limited-edition Gold Balsamic is making its highly-anticipated return!

Sweet, tangy, smooth, and luxuriously thick, this PGI (Protected Geographic Indication) balsamic vinegar is an exquisite culinary treasure. Aged for a minimum of three years in premium wooden barrels, it develops a distinctive richness in flavor and a captivating dark hue.

If you're a fan of our beloved Premium Balsamic Vinegar, prepare to be enchanted by this extraordinary offering. Crafted solely from the finest grapes sourced from Modena and Reggio Emilia, it epitomizes the pinnacle of balsamic excellence - truly the gold standard in every sense!

Drizzle on simple salads, cheese, vegetables, fruit and even desserts for a luxurious treat
Cooked grape must (sulfites), winevinegar (sulfites)

Every year, our vinegar undergoes a meticulous process of transfer into smaller barrels, each serving a distinct purpose: acidification, maturation, and finally, aging. It is during this final phase that each barrel imparts its unique fragrances and flavors, allowing the true magic to unfold. With each passing moment, our balsamic vinegar grows in value and preciousness, evolving into a culinary masterpiece of unparalleled richness and depth.

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