Canistrelli Corsican specialty

  • Dry biscuits from Corsica
  • Made with olive and aniseed
  • Hand made
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250 g
Les canistrelli sont des spécialités corses à l’huile d’olive et à l’anis. Entièrement façonnés à la main avant d’être cuits au four, elles ont un goût légèrement sucré salé. Les canistrelli sont des biscuits secs agrémentés de divers arômes et composants : anis, vin blanc…
Alone for a snack or with lavender, rose or even pepper ice cream.

Wheat flour (Gluten), sugar, extra virgin olive oil 12,56%, white wine 7,54% (Sulfites), Pastis 5,03% (ethanol, anethole, plant extracts, sugar, caramel), aniseed aroma

"Traditionally from the almond grove regions of Corsica, they are cooked in elongated loaves, then sliced and baked. The second baking brings to this biscuit all its crunchiness. The OLIVIERS&CO. Canistrelli are made with olive oil and aniseed. Entirely shaped by hand before being baked in the oven, these Canistrelli can be eaten at any time of the day: for breakfast (they go very well with coffee), for a snack... 100% natural, contains no additives, dyes or other preservatives."

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