Rebiaa Olive Oil - TUNISIA

  • Hand-Picked olives, pressed within 24 hours
  • A unique traceability for this Tunisian Grand Cru
  • A round oil with a delicious note of green tea 
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16.8 FL OZ

The delicious hidden treasure of Tunisia​

The delicious hidden treasure of Tunisia It is in the north west of Tunisia, in the heart of the Medjerda valley, that Leith Ben Becher, produces this exceptional little gem.​

This local olive oil is certainly one of the best in Tunisia, with a delicious note of green tea.​

Taste profile: Grassy
Aromatic Notes: Tomato Leaf
Olives: Chetoui, Gerboui
Country / Region: Tunisia
Harvest date: Oct 31, 2022
Producteur: Leith Ben Becher

Meatballs, tomato salad, spicy semolina

Name: Extra virgin olive oil Rebiaa

Volume: 500ml

Origin: Product of Tunisia

Ingredients: olives: Chetoui Gerboui

Storage conditions: Keep in a cool & dark place


Thanks to the efforts of a passionate producer, the exceptional Tunisian olive oil is becoming more and more known. In Jendouba, at the foot of the Rebiaa hill, Leith Ben Becher has succeeded in imposing the olive oil of his orchards as a rare product in a country very much oriented towards intensive production. Excellence, purity and love, this oil, from its exquisite taste, touches by the history that it conveys, the history of a family of farmers who made of the love of the nature and the fatherland its battle field.

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