The Pair - Raspberry x Mint

  • Discover the ultimate flavor pairing
  • Rich in antioxidants and essential nutrients
  • Perfect for both novice cooks and seasoned chefs
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The Pair - Raspberry x Mint
The Pair - Raspberry x Mint

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    Versatile and easy to use

    Transform your culinary creations with this exceptional duo, combining the refreshing taste of mint olive oil with the delightful sweetness of raspberry vinegar. Ideal for enhancing salads, marinades, and gourmet dishes, this pairing offers a perfect balance of fresh, herbaceous notes and a sweet, tangy twist.

    In a gift box, you will find:
    - Mint Olive Oil (8.4 FL OZ)
    - Raspberry Specialty Vinegar (8.4 FL OZ)
    - A free pourer

    Drizzle the mint olive oil over a fresh watermelon and feta salad for a refreshing summer dish. Use the raspberry vinegar as a delightful dressing for a spinach and goat cheese salad. Combine both for a unique marinade for grilled chicken or fish. Enhance desserts by adding a splash of raspberry vinegar to fruit salads or sorbets. Add a hint of mint olive oil to roasted vegetables or pasta dishes for an unexpected twist.

    Name: Olive & Mint Oil

    Net quantity: 250ml

    Origin: Product of Italy

    Ingredient List: Extra Virgin Olive Oil 99%, Mint 1%

    Storage conditions: Keep in a cool & dark place


    Name: Specialty vinegar with Raspberry

    Net Quantity: 250 ml

    Origin: Product of Portugal

    Ingredient List: alcohol vinegar 70%, raspberry 20%, sugar

    Storage conditions: Keep in a cool & dry place

    These Pairs of flavors combine the freshness of aromatic oils with the indulgence of sweet vinegar to create surprising new culinary sensations!

    Simple and delicious, these fragrant duos can be used in any way you desire. They are perfect for adding a twist to your vegetable or fruit salads, meat or fish carpaccio, marinades, and more.

    The ideal proportions: 3 tablespoons of aromatic oil to 1 tablespoon of sweet vinegar.

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