Domaine du grand Cèdre - Reserved Harvest Olive Oil - FRANCE

  • The know-how of a young olive grower
  • A pure and velvety olive oil
  • A Provençal touch to your kitchen
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This year we have selected the Domaine du Grand Cedre to represent Provençal know-how!

This perfectly balanced olive oil is marked by the strength of the Aglandau olive and the roundness of other olive varieties. Provençal ones like Bouteillan and Salonenque. An early harvest and the know-how of a young olive grower gave birth to a pure and velvety olive oil that smells of cooked artichoke and maquis herbs. This everyday olive oil will bring a Provençal touch to your kitchen!

Taste profile: Floral
Aromatic Notes: Dry Grass, Cooked Artichoke
Olives: 80% Aglandau, 20% Bouteillan-Salonenque-Picholine-Cayon
Country / Region: France
Harvest date: Oct 31, 2023
Producteur: Léo Coupat

All Provençal cuisine, marinades, baked fish, mixed salads, grilled chicken, asparagus, baked apple.

Name: Extra Virgin Olive Oil Domaine du Grand Cèdre

Origin: France

Ingredient List olives : 80% Aglandau, 20% Bouteillan-Salonenque-Picholine-Cayon

Storage conditions: Keep in a cool & dark place


Ideal for everyday cooking, the "Reserved Harvest" olive oils have been selected for their authentic flavor, true to the aromatic style of their country of origin: Greece, France, and Italy.

These olive oils come in colorful cans with a decidedly vintage and delightfully nostalgic style, showcasing the distinctiveness of a terroir and the work of a small producer. They offer excellent value for money, adding a touch of poetry to your kitchen or table for daily enjoyment. It's an opportunity to embark on a stationary journey to the Mediterranean…

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