Vinegar with pink garlic

  • ​A powerful and delicate taste at the same time ​
  • Made with fresh whole garlic​
  • A 100% traditional and traceable vinegar, with no added flavor


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8.4 FL OZ

This new creation by our master vinegar maker Frédéric Chaix is prepared with fresh whole pink garlic macerated in white wine vinegar.​

The garlic of Lautrec PGI  known for its sweetness and its subtle taste associated​  with the  acidity of the wine vinegar gives birth to this aromatic vinegar​  particularly tasty and easy to digest.​

Combined with a high-quality extra virgin olive oil or an aromatic oil with basil ​or thyme this home-made and tasty vinegar will seduce young and old chefs to​  spice up any dish, whether raw or cooked.​


On cooked vegetables ​

Deglazing of fish and meat​

Duck breast​

Mayonnaise ​

Meat marinades ​

Papillote of fish, grilled shrimps​

Carpaccio of salmon

White wine vinegar 80%, sugar, pink garlic from Lautrec PGI 5%. May contain traces of sulfites naturally present in wine.​


Grown in the Lautrec region in the Tarn, Lautrec pink garlic is the only garlic to have been awarded the IGP designation since 1996 and the Label Rouge since 1966.The proud of the French terroir, this garlic is produced by 160 producers in an area of 400 hectares around Lautrec. Lautrec is a very pretty medieval village in the Tarn between Castres and Albi. Within the constraints of very strict specifications from planting to packaging, Lautrec garlic is harvested at the end of July, then braided and left to dry for three weeks before being marketed. It has the particularity of conserving longer than usual garlic and contains a controlled level of sugar to obtain the famous red label.

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