Olive & Fresh Thyme Oil

  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • Freshly picked Olives and Thyme pressed together
  • Perfect for marinades and roasted meat
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 Enjoy the fresh flavor of thyme with this aromatic yet delicate oil. Perfect when you don't have fresh thyme on hand, and lasts much longer! The simultaneous crushing of the freshly picked olives and thyme preserves all the flavor of the freshly picked ingredients. Redolent of “garrigue” - Mediterranean scrubs - this oil is ideal for marinades, and for roasted or grilled meats and fish.
Any recipe that calls for fresh thyme, drizzle over roasted potatoes, vegetables, grilled or roasted meats, even with goat cheese and honey on bread slices.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil 97%, Thyme 3%


Our miller has invented a new recipe: an olive and thyme speciality. As for the basil olive oil, the production is in two stages. In summer the thyme is picked and macerated in olive oil. And in winter, at the time of the olive harvest, the sprigs of thyme are crushed with the olives. This oil gives rise to gourmet ideas and desires for the garrigue and holidays in the south.

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