Aged Wine Vinegar

  • An aged vinegar with a woody and powerful taste, 100% French and artisanal
  • A must for everyday cooking
  • The good taste of the traditional vinegar found 
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8.4 FL OZ

This vinegar was elaborated from a Languedoc wine selected for its tannins and its perfume. This vinegar Reserve is aged 24 months in various wood essences (oak, chestnut, cherry tree) in order to preserve all the aromas of the wine. Its little secret: cooked grape must is added to bring roundness and sweetness. This must-have for everyday cooking reveals woody notes and aromas of nuts and old rum.

Vinaigrettes, Walnut and goat cheese salad , Tomato and shallot confit, Gaspacho, Oysters, Red meat and game marinades , Deglazing shellfish, Sauce for meat and fish 

Red wine vinegar 85% (sulfite), Grape must 15%, (sulfite)


These new vinegars are made in oak barrels using the traditional Orléans method from full-bodied Languedoc wines.

These new wine vinegars, selected by Oliviers&Co, are a real treat for your taste buds! 

These 3 lively wine vinegars are produced near Narbonne by a young talented master vinegar maker. They are 100% natural with no added sugar, coloring or sulfites. 

Red wine vinegar in the kitchen:

This seasoning in the kitchen has many uses. It is used above all for vinaigrettes, sauces and marinades, but also to season fish, cooked or raw vegetables, meat or to deglaze a pan and obtain a delicious juice. 

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