Black Olives Tanche

  • Nicknamed the jewel of Nyons
  • A very ripe harvested olive
  • The best French variety
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200 g
This late mature fruit, as it is harvested from mid-December to mid-January, has at Nyons a double AOC, for the oil and the table. The Tanche from Nyons area, a region in the South of Drome, is candied in brine after being picked and put in salt with no water, and improve for 5 to 6 months before we enjoy it as appetizer. No doubt that the one we call 'the jewel of Nyons' is the best of the French black olives.
Crushed potatoes with Tanche olives, clafoutis cake with Tanche & thyme
Tanche black olives, salt, olive oil

Discover the mythical flavours of the Mediterranean with this selection of Oliviers&Co table olives: soft and tasty.