White Truffle Salt

  • Oliviers&Co Best Seller
  • With white Alba Truffle
  • A pinch highlights any dish
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30 g
The white Alba truffle is the pride and treasure of the Piedmont region. It grows from October to December under oak and hazel trees, and the Aleppo pine. It's the essence of those trees which give it its unique flavor and taste. Rarer and more appreciated than the black truffle, Rossini named it "the Mozart of mushrooms". In this product, the white Alba truffle highlights with its heady flavor the authentic and famous salt from Guerande, France. A pinch of this rare and amazing condiment is enough to highlight any dish!
Season pasta, risotto, eggs, cheese, salads, potatoes (French fries), vegetables, and even sprinkle on popcorn
Salt of Guérande PGI 99%, freeze-dried white truffle (Tuber Magnatum Pico) 0.17% (fresh truffle equivalent: 0.85%), aroma

Whether black or white, summer or winter, the truffle enchants the palate with its intense aroma. A few drops of our flavoured olive oils are enough to delicately perfume your dishes from the simplest to the most refined. OLIVIERS&CO wanted to sublimate this precious jewel of the Mediterranean by creating a collection of new, tasty and refined recipes.